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Dr. Mary Simon

Naturopathic Doctor

"I am in the business of truly listening to YOU and focusing on YOU… not just hearing your signs and symptoms.  You absolutely deserve a practitioner who allows you to be in the driver’s seat and dictate what you want for your health and your life."


Dr. Mary Simon earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Health Sciences, an accredited, four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical school.


Before her doctoral education, she worked as a Spanish-English Certified Healthcare Interpreter for four major healthcare organizations in Madison, Wisconsin.  Being exposed to every specialty of medicine as an interpreter, she saw a deep need for doctors who spend plenty of time with patients to see them as a person, and not just one medical condition or organ/system at a time.  Additionally, she saw a need for doctors who can address the fundamental causes of illness to restore whole-body health, instead of prescribing a separate pharmaceutical for every condition.  During this time, Dr. Simon also struggled with her own health issues that conventional medicine didn’t have solutions for, so she turned to natural healing modalities and amazingly got well!  She is eager to help clients feel better by finding natural solutions to medical problems instead of covering up symptoms with drugs. With doctoral-level coursework in clinical nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy, she is well equipped to support the body naturally and safely.

Dr. Simon's passion for natural medicine is exemplified in both her professional and personal life.  She had a completely natural childbirth, free of medications and supported with homeopathy and botanicals.  She and her husband are raising their daughter safely using naturopathic medicine and principles.  She is dedicated to applying the naturopathic principles to her clients and working with them to restore the body’s balance and natural ability to heal.

Dr. Simon's areas of focus are:

hormonal balance

gut health

mental/emotional wellness

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