Herbal Enema

At Thrive Holistic Medicine, we use a blend of USDA Certified organic tea in our herbal enemas, as an add-on service to colon hydrotherapy.  The blend of herbs includes:​

  •   White Oak Bark

  •   Plantain Leaf

  •   Black Walnut Hull

  •   Chaparral Herb

  •   Burdock Root

  •   Marshmallow Root

  •   Comfrey Root

  •   Comfrey Leaf


These herbs provide many healing properties including anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-septic.  Before the colonic session the herbs are steeped like a tea. Once it cools to body-temperature it is inserted into the rectum and gets absorbed into the colon.  Herbal enemas can be helpful to reduce chronic inflammation, tonify the colon, and increase the wave-like movement of the colon called peristalsis.

This service is offered as an add-on to colon hydrotherapy.

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